Archbishop of Canterbury helps embattled Theresa May with private prayer sessions

archbishop of yorkThe Archbishop of Canterbury has been helping embattled Theresa May with prayer

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been helping embattled Prime Minister Theresa May with private prayer sessions as the country lurches from crisis to crisis.

May has been criticised for calling an unnecessary General Election, for her response to the Grenfell Tower fire and more. She is reported to have wept in Downing Street when addressing staff about the fire.

Demonstrators marched on Downing Street over the fire, which has exposed the vast gaps between rich and poor in the capital.

According to The Sun, Archbishop Justin has been helping her with private prayer after she went to him for help.

May, a vicar's daughter, is a deeply committed Christian and attends church regularly on Sundays.

The Sun says she found Welby's help 'a great comfort'.

Some of May's strongest  critics are within her own party, where senior Tories fear she has lost what previously seemed an ability to connect  with country and  people.

ReutersBritain's Primer Minister Theresa May addresses the country after the election

According to reporter David Wooding, senior Tories have told Mrs May to shape up or go

A source  told him: 'Theresa has an unshakable faith and it's no secret that she goes to church every Sunday with her husband Philip. What isn't so widely known is that she has had meetings and held prayers with the Archbishop of Canterbury.'

Welby, an evangelical, is a passionate believer  in the power of prayer to change lives.

They have not met however since the General Election.