iPod Touch 6th generation to be released by Apple after all?

Current iPod touch model[Photo credit: Apple]

Rumors concerning the fate of the iPod touch lineup have already stacked up and Apple has yet to clear up anything about the much-awaited refresh of the two-year-old iPod touch 5th Generation. Apple's loyal customers looked forward to the launch of the iPod touch 6th Generation during its keynote event months back but their hopes were smashed to smithereens when iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stole the show. 

Nevertheless, rumors keep on turning up and the newest one originated from Customs Today, which was then echoed by Young Herald. The site believes that the Apple Watch will share the limelight with the newest iPod touch in March next year. Last October, CEO Tim Cook promised that the titanic Cupertino-based firm's first wearable offering will find its way to the market by early 2015. 

Crossmap, on the other hand, says that the rollout of the Apple Watch may be pushed further for the iPod touch 6th Generation to get off the ground. As developers use the time in readying the wearable by working on Apple Watch-friendly apps prior to its official rollout, Apple will get itself busy with releasing the freshest iPod touch, Crossmap reports. 

However, some speculations render the abovementioned claims inaccurate. From the looks of it, Apple ended its much-loved array of media players when it released the latest (and probably the last) one in 2012. With the advent of high-end smartphones that offer everything in a single package, a gadget that plays music and videos becomes insignificant, believed to have no chances of survival in a showground where more capable devices dominate. The iPod touch 6th Generation was a no-show in October, likely because Apple foresaw that it would either have sales split between the Apple smartphone flagship and the iPod touch, or that the iPod touch is a flop waiting to happen. 

Despite the faint chance of the iPod touch 6th Generation ever putting in an appearance on the horizon, rumors already molded an image of what it would pack if and when it does. As per Crossmap, the iPod touch 6th Generation adapts the iPhone 6's features. These include the company's new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, and digital buddy, Siri. It is also rumored to sport a 4-inch Retina display and a rear-facing camera. While this look all-too promising, releasing devices with almost identical anatomy may only have Apple put one foot in the grave.