Apple Retina Macbook Pro 2015 release date at WWDC in June?

MacBook Pro

There is no word on when the Apple Macbook Pro 2015 will be officially coming out in the open but the much awaited device could be among the devices expected to be revealed at Apple's 2015 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

This came about after reports of a change in the device's shipping schedule cropped up, further making it possible for the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro to be among the products which could come out at the WWDC.

Unless something comes up, expect the MacBook Pro 2015 to come with a totally new processor. Broadwell processors are expected to replace the current ones used in the market, something that should provide big improvements as far as the device performance is concerned.

Among the perks that the new Broadwell processors will be partnered with include an Iris Pro 6200 and an integrated graphics processor. According to a report by Gizmag, the MacBook pro 2015 stands to deliver 37 to 52 percent faster, mainly because of the Core i5-5657C/5675R and Core i7-5775C/5775R processors compared to the previous Core M.

Aside from the processors, what else is there to expect from the Apple Macbook Pro 2015?

The refreshed MacBook Pro will reportedly include Pixelmator version 3.2.2, a powerful repair tool which will provide support for photo applications and the Force Touch trackpad. This means that users will now get more help in making photo edits and removing unwanted objects in photos for better pictures.

The Force Touch trackpad will also be getting a bit of a tweak which means there may be improvements ahead while the Solid-State-Drive is likewise said to have been improved in a sense for faster response and off course complimenting improved performance.

There is no official word on how much the Apple Macbook Pro 2015 would cost in the market. But if everything goes on smoothly, all the official features, pricing and availability should be revealed at Apple's WWDC event.