Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C/6 keynote event invitations to be sent Sept. 3: iOS 7 Gold Master version download available tomorrow?

Apple is likely to send out invitations to its iPhone 5s/5c/6 keynote event tomorrow, Sept. 3.

Apple traditionally sends out media invitations one week before a major keynote event. Last year, Apple's iPhone 5 media event 2012 was held on Sept. 12, and the invitations were sent out exactly one week in advance.

This year, Apple's event is rumored to be held on Sept. 10, meaning that the invitations will likely be sent out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this also means that Apple will begin to roll out its final Gold Master version iOS 7, its latest mobile operating system.

The iOS 7 beta was revealed in June at the WWDC 2013 event and since then 6 beta versions have been released.


Developers have been anticipating a 7th beta, but that seems unlikely with the Apple event so close.

This means that the Gold Master version will begin to roll out to developers in a matter of days - even tomorrow.

Anonymous sources reportedly told App Advice that the Gold Master version will arrive with Apple's invitation.

As well as Apple's new iPhones which are set to be unveiled Sept. 10, the iPad 5 is also rumored to be showcased.

The new line of Macbook Pros and iMacs are also expected to be refreshed this month, featuring the all new Haswell processor which will improve battery life and performance.

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