Apple Watch 3 rumors: Upcoming device the first to sport Apple's own micro-LED display

Shown in the photo is the Apple Watch 2. Rumors claim that the Apple Watch 3 will be the first Apple device to sport the company's own-developed micro-LED display.Apple

While it remains unclear as to when Apple will release its Apple Watch 3, it is said that the upcoming wearable device will be the first product of the Cupertino-based company to introduce the company's own-developed micro-LED display.

There are varying reports as to when Apple will release its Apple Watch 3. While some claim that it will arrive later this year, other sources say that the company will release it in early 2018. Despite the contradicting reports on the arrival date of the latest version of the Apple wearable device, various sources have a common claim on its display, though: Apple will be replacing the existing OLED display of the Apple Watch with its company-developed micro-LED display.

It has been learned that the micro-LED displays are, likewise, known as microscale LEDs or µ-ILEDs. The technology concept first surfaced two years ago and are said to be thinner and lighter than OLED displays. Reportedly, Apple has been working on the said technology in partnership with LuxVue, the company that Apple acquired back in 2014, for two years already.

While much of the said technology is still under wraps, reports claim that the micro-LED display will make it possible for future Apple devices to be equipped with in-display fingerprint scanning if it is combined with infrared diodes. Reportedly, once Apple has perfected the said technology, it will eventually introduce the micro-LED display to its other devices, including the iPhone. After all, it is alleged that it is likely for the iPhone 8 to be delayed because Apple is experiencing some glitches in developing its own in-display Touch ID for the highly anticipated iPhone. 

Rumors claim that the Cupertino-based company has yet to develop a micro-LED display large enough for the iPhone. Hence, it is unlikely for the iPhone 8 to come with the said technology if it arrives as scheduled.

Does this mean that Apple Watch 3 will really be the first Apple product to introduce the said latest display technology?

Apple outsiders can only speculate for now.