iPad Mini 4 release date could come in place of iPad Air

iPad Mini 4 rumors are circulating and they state that the device will take after its predecessor without so much of an improvement.

A report from Tech Times says that iPad Mini 4 will be much like iPad Mini 3 and that would make fans wonder why Apple won't be incorporating unique changes to its upcoming devices.

The report states that the giant tech company is dealing with sales problem, particularly with the wearable device, Apple watch.

Since people have not shown their interest in the wearable device line, Apple may have become cautious in its move about their releases.

Phablets have also become popular and it resulted to the low demand for tablets. The company has also slowed down tablet production because fewer people have taken interest in such devices.

If these rumors prove to be true, Apple is unlikely to introduce a new line of the regular iPad Air tablet for 2015, the same way it does every year since the device has been introduced.

So, in its place will be a possible release of a new device dubbed to be iPad Mini 4, taking after iPad Mini 3. However, rumor has it that the new device won't have significant specs upgrade.

The iPad Mini 4 will also be considered as a "scale-down" version of the criticized MacBook Air, as reported in Bidness Etc.

As for the specs rumor, the iPad Mini 4 is said to carry A8X chip, the same as iPad Air 2's,as reported in MacWorld.

This feature should make it easier for users to experience the Split View on the screen.

Meanwhile, there's no news if Apple will integrate Force Touch into newer iPads.

There's also no word on a release date but rumors say that a Mini 4 could be launched together with other iPad devices during the speculated September event for iPhone launch.