Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 specs comparison: Which tablet to buy?

Microsoft.comMicrosoft Surface Pro 3

Rumors about Apple's iPad Pro were renewed last week, with the tablet likely to battle the current Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Originally, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a contender in the tablet market. However, the Redmond-based giant offers an optional keyboard that transforms the tablet into a notebook. Microsoft's latest offering packs specs and features that are at par with other notebooks such as that of the MacBook Air.

On the other hand, Apple's alleged largest tablet will be a hybrid of tablet and laptop. Reports claimed that the tech giant Apple is already prepping for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, which is actually bigger than the current iPad Air by three inches and an inch larger than the 11-inch MacBook Air. Below is the comparison between Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Apple iPad Pro.

Screen Display

The Microsoft's tablet packs a 12-inch screen display. Moreover, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 also comes with touchscreen panels and a stylus. The iPad Pro tablet is also rumored to pack a 12.9-inch screen with 2K or 4K pixel resolution.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 packs an Intel "Haswell" processor, which gives the tablet a performance at par with laptops. It is still unconfirmed whether iPad Pro will also pack a chipset from Intel. Rumors claimed that the Apple tablet will come with a 64-bit or octa core processor.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 promises a battery capacity of up to nine hours for web browsing, while the iPad Pro rumors has not specified the battery capacity. However, according to the grapevine, it will be better and longer compared to the battery life of iPad Air.

Operating System

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 packs Windows 8.1, while being an Apple tablet, it is most likely that iPad Pro will run on iOS software.

Other features

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and iPad Pro will come with keyboard accessory, which can be attached to the device and transform it in a laptop. Meanwhile, iPad Pro is purported to come with Touch ID fingerprint sensor, improved Siri, and better camera.