'Forgotten' flood victims in Chad and Cameroon

Barnabas Fund is appealing for donations to support thousands of Christians affected by flooding in Chad and Cameroon.

The organisation, which supports persecuted Christians, aims to raise over £180,000 to provide families with emergency food supplies and medical care, including treatment for malaria and diarrhoea.

One local partner told Barnabas Fund: "The situation here is very serious. The water is rising and causing more havoc day by day.

"In some areas the level of the water is as high as one metre and in some others even higher."

Part of the funds will go towards the reconstruction of communities. This will include the construction of more flood resilient brick and cement houses to replace the mud brick homes that have been swept away.

An estimated 96,000 homes have been destroyed in Chad. In Cameroon, around 25,000 people have been left homeless. There have also been heavy losses among crops and livestock.

Churches in need of reconstruction will also receive financial aid.

The appeal was launched out of concern that Christians were being "passed over" in the government's aid distribution.

International director of Barnabas Fund, Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, said: "It is heartbreaking to see and hear how entire villages have been swept away by this flooding, leaving communities utterly devastated.

"Our brothers and sisters are feeling the effects of this disaster particularly keenly, and they need our help today."


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