Antique 'Haunted Bible' selling on ebay for £120,000

A man called Fred is selling a "haunted antique Bible", that he believes is possessed by spirits that pulled a woman down the stairs, on Ebay for £120,000.

EbayFred, a man from Cumbria, is selling a haunted Bible on Ebay for £120,000

Fred, from Harrington, Cumbria, has already declined an offer of £50,000 for the antique Bible, believing it to be worth more due to its spiritual connections.

He was given the Bible, which is thought to date back to the early 1800s, by a female friend who inherited it from her grandparents.

She gave him the book in 2011 when she had "had enough" of its haunting: "There were doors opening, cupboards opening, stomping, someone walking upstairs," said Fred.

The "final straw" for his friend when "she was pulled by her hair and dragged down the stairs getting bruises all over her body, which is when she thought enough was enough and she decided to give it to me so I could keep it for."

He "cleansed" his friend's house, "prayed and sprinkled holy water all around the house and commanded evil spirits to leave," he said.

When he took the Bible out of the house, the haunting stopped.

Explaining how the haunting happened, he said: "They [spirits] attach to them [objects if they were in love with the valuable object to them while alive. They don't want anyone anybody near it that possess it.

"They cause things to frighten them or harm them so they keep it up, that's my understanding.

"I know its valuable not just because of its date because its antique, because its got spirits attached to it. I know people are interested in that sort of thing."

He had been keeping it in his home in Cumbria, while he lived abroad in America, however on his return to the UK, he no longer wants to live with it under his roof and the woman has given him permission to sell it.

On Ebay, he warns the potential buyer: "This book is highly haunted and after getting a couple of psychics examining it, I've been told that spirits are attached to this book, therefor (sic) I accept no responsibility for any poltergeist activities that this Bible might bring into your dwellings, and I'm not to be held accountable to any incidents of the sort... Good Luck!!!"