'Ant-Man' movie plot linked to 'Avengers 2,' - Partial list of cast revealed

Marvel Universe Studios is at it again. They are introducing their twelfth superhero in their movie roster.

Join hands and welcome the arrival of "Ant-Man," which will hit theaters in 2015.

Unless you're a comic reader, there's not much familiarity with "Ant-Man" and what his story is all about. So director Peyton Reed shares details about the movie plot and how it will follow Scott Lang's character: "Ant-Man."

In a Screen Rant interview, Reed shared that the movie will be about passing the superhero role from the old Ant-Man to the new Ant-man.

"The thematic arc really is a sort of passing-of-the-torch movie," Reed said.

He also added that Lang's daughter, Cassandra, will be in the film, saying "Paul Rudd's character is an ex-con, a thief.

"It's also got the structure of a heist movie. And there's also a real personal dynamic to the movie, too. In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that's part of the movie, too."

Cassandra is also a superhero, a young avenger by the name of Stature. In the comics, Cassandra was an ill girl, which was Scott's motivation to steal the suit of Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man.

Meanwhile, "Ant-Man" is all set to film near Union Square in San Francisco, according to Bleedingcool.com. They will film in San Francisco August 18, which will render some roads temporarily closed.

Marvel has a thing with interconnecting all of their movies and "Ant-Man" is no different. In the comics, it was Pym who created Ultron and he used shrinking technology to become Ant-Man. However, in the movie, Tony Stark will create Ultron so that Pym will be a scientist connected to S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Ant-Man" should make a splash in the box-office as it boasts a list of credible and established actors to take on the character's roles.

Michael Douglas will play Hank Pym, Paul Rudd will play Scott Lang, Dominic Cooper will play Howard Stark, Evangeline Lilly will play Hope Pym, Corey Stoll will play Yellowjacket, Hayley Atwell will play Peggy Carter, Toby Jones will play Arnim Zola and Robert Redford will play Alexander Pierce.

Save the date, "Ant-Man" is slated for release on July 17,2015.