Another illegal alien accused of murdering young mother and her son in Washington

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump protest against the worsening problem of illegal immigration in the US outside the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles, California, on July 10, 2015.Reuters

A Washington superior court has set a bail of $1 million for a 25-year-old illegal immigrant charged with first-degree murders in the brutal killing of an 18-year-old woman and her son in Franklin County, Washington.

Prudencio Juan Fragos-Ramirez, an undocumented immigrant residing in Connell City, has been charged before the Franklin County Superior Court in the murder of Maria Cruiz-Calvillo and her son Luis Lopez-Cruz, whose severely burned bodies were found inside a car that was set on fire near the intersection of Scootney and Ridge Roads in Franklin.

According to the affidavit of Detective Jason Nunez of the Franklin County, Sheriff's Office, the boy's body also bore a bullet wound.

Fragos-Ramirez's case has highlighted the issue of the worsening peace and order problem in the US arising from illegal immigration and the policy of giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants as implemented in several cities in America.

"How many more Americans must die at the hands of illegal aliens before our borders are secured? The Republicans don't care. They don't want to stand up to the donor class. The Democrats sure don't care. They want to attract new voters. Big Business? They want the cheap labour," according to Fox News' Todd Starnes.

Starnes accused President Obama of transforming America "by opening up our borders and flooding the nation with millions of illegals."

"Law enforcement has essentially been ordered to stand down as our nation has been invaded. The illegals don't care about the American dream. They're pillaging and plundering the American taxpayers," he said.

Last week, a woman was killed by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco.

Francisco Sanchez is accused of killing Kate Steinle. Sanchez was deported five times, Fox News reported, and was in custody of the city but was released without notifying immigration authorities.

San Francisco's 1989 sanctuary policy prohibits city departments, agency, commission or employees from assisting in the enforcement of federal immigration law.

A police investigation of the latest case showed that Fragos-Ramirez had admitted to authorities that he was dating Cruiz-Calvillo, the woman found dead. The police went to his house, which was quarter of a mile from where the burnt car was found, the day after the murders were reported.

The police found a 9mm handgun ammunition in a shed next to Fragos-Ramirez's home. A neighbour said the suspect used the shed to store things including a pellet rifle which was also found in the storage.

Two neighbours told the police they saw a vehicle similar to Cruiz-Calvillo's arrived at Fragos-Ramirez's home at around 5 p..m on July 2. The woman and a child entered his home and stayed there for 15 minutes after which they got out of the house and into the car together with Fragos-Ramirez.

The neighbours said they next saw the suspect outside his home at 7 p.m.