Anne Graham Lotz says God allowed 9/11 attacks to happen so that Americans will 'cry out to Him'

Anne Graham Lotz says, 'What I see in the nation of America right now [is] just chaos on every level.'(

Evangelist Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham Lotz, who is also an evangelist herself, believes that bad things happen for a reason. Specifically, she claims that God allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California to happen so that Americans will be put in "situations where it would be hard not to cry out to Him."

"What I see in the nation of America right now [is] just chaos on every level," Lotz told Iowa radio host Steve Deace. on Thursday. 

Lotz mentioned North Carolina's House Bill 2, which prohibits cities from enacting ordinances that would allow people to use public restrooms and locker rooms based on their preferred gender identity. She said the law only seeks "to protect our children," but now the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against the state for allegedly discriminating against members of the LGBT community.

The founder of AnGel Ministries also believes that the bad things happening in America right now are the "evidence that God has backed away."

"In our nation, one of the things we pray for is that some of this craziness would settle down... [but] our nation seems to be shaking its fist in God's face, we're abandoning God as a nation," she said. "What happens then is God abandons us and backs away, He takes his favour and blessing away from us."

Lotz expressed hopes that America' next president would be able to bring back moral values into the government. This is why she plans on voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"I said that whoever was the Republican presidential nominee, I would vote for, and it looks like it may be Donald Trump," she told CBN News. "So I would find it difficult to vote for a Democrat at this point because of the platforms — so I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is."

But Lotz said she will not stop praying should Trump win the presidency. "Anybody is redeemable. Our mission is not to change the world through the political system; our mission is to present the Gospel, to get on our knees and pray for those who are in leadership positions as we're commanded to do in the New Testament," she said.