Anna married Josh Duggar despite his shady past, and here's the reason why

A pregnant Anna with her husband Josh Duggar during happier times.(Duggar Family Blog)

Anna Keller, wife of former reality TV star Josh Duggar from the cancelled "19 Kids and Counting" show, already knew about her husband's shady past prior to marrying him. She said so herself when news broke out that he molested several young girls, including two of his sisters, when he was still a teenager.

And yet following the latest Ashley Madison scandal that snared Josh, the question on everybody's mind is: Why did Anna still decide to marry him?

A source close to the family has revealed some information on Anna's marriage with Josh, saying that even though the Duggars told Anna and her family about Josh's past indiscretions, they did not reveal the truth "in its entirety."

"Anna did know," a source told PEOPLE. "Her whole family knew something had happened."

However, the source pointed out that the truth "definitely wasn't portrayed in its entirety."

"I don't think she [Anna] understood the entirety of what had happened. It was kind of something that was swept under the rug and nobody made a big deal out of it," the source was quoted as saying.

When Josh started courting Anna in 2006, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were thrilled, and so were Anna's conservative parents Mike and Suzette Keller. The source said Mike and Suzette ultimately sealed Anna's marriage with Josh since they pushed her to marry him despite knowing what he had done in the past.

"They still gave their blessing," said the source. "How she was brought up, if your parents gave their blessing then you pretty much marry the guy, and that's what God's will is for you and what's best for your life. So, much of her belief was based on what her parents told her and not in the actual truth. She looked to her parents and they were okay with it, so she was okay with it."

The source said Anna did not completely comprehend what Josh had done. She knew about the words "rape" and "abuse," but because of her sheltered upbringing, she was not fully aware what true physical boundaries Josh had crossed when he sexually molested his younger sisters and childhood friend.

Now that news broke out that Josh cheated on her following the hack on Ashley Madison, Anna's parents are still controlling her choices, the source revealed.

When Anna sought her father's advice on the matter, he reportedly told her: "Well, King David had an affair."

"I just wish she could be left alone to figure out her own feelings on this matter," the source said.