Liberian Christians gather for national rededication to Jesus

The Church of Liberia recently organised a peaceful rally through Monrovia, the Liberian capital, in an attempt to reaffirm the peace in the country. Providence Baptist Church was the gathering point of the Christian marchers, who listened to speeches and sermons by various speakers.

Wesley Momo Johnson said to The NEWS of Monrovia, "Liberia is owned by Jesus no matter what they say or who says what, Jesus owns Liberia." He reminded Liberians, "despite what we have gone through, we must forgive if we want to achieve durable peace. Though it is difficult to forgive, but we must do so in the interest of peace and our Nation." Otherwise, he said, Liberia could revert to another civil war.

More than 10,000 individuals participated in the rally from many different denominations. Included in the march were Liberian religious leaders, politicians, and dignitaries like Chief Justice Gloria M. Scott, former First Lady Jewel Howard-Taylor, Presidential hopeful, Charles W. Brumskine, and Minister of State Jackson E. Doe.

Rev. T. Thomas Jallah Jr. called on warring factions to end their animosity and instead cooperate with the government in order to keep the peace process on tract. He also said according to The NEWS that the Liberian government must reduce corruption and factional bickering to ensure that “honesty, integrity, and justice?are maintained.

Other speakers urged Christians to rededicate the nation to Jesus Christ through prayer in order to wash away the sins of the nation, find an effective God-loving leader, and to restore God’s favor on Liberia.
Rev. M. Wolo Belleh said that Christians should pray for a “real Christian?to be elected as president and not someone Christian only in words. That way, Liberia can be given back to God so that He can shape the affairs of Liberia and its people. The organizers ended with by issuing the statement that "The Church must be the Church in the true sense of its highest calling. We must maintain and nature this peace that God has given us.?

Mr. Johnson concluded by saying, "this nation belongs to God. Any government who does not know Jesus is bound to fail."