Android N release date news: Seamless update feature among the improvements

Android Developers blog

Although Google has yet to release the full version of the upcoming Android N, many of the features of the new update have already been tested through developer previews. One noted upgrade coming with the new platform is the seamless update feature.

The new seamless update feature is a radical change from the current set-up for a major Android update. When the full version of Android N rolls out, succeeding Android updates are expected to roll out faster since they will begin downloading in the background and will go live on the specified release date – users will just have to turn off and on their devices again.

Currently, Android updates begin with Google releasing stock Android ROM for its Nexus devices. Meanwhile, non-Nexus devices will have to wait, since tech manufacturers build their own Android version based on the stock ROM, and roll it out per device lineup. The last to usually receive the updates are Android-run devices under mobile carriers.

Featured in the recently-concluded Google I/O last month, the Android N platform has a number of changes and improvements over the current-gen Marshmallow version. However, one concern about a major Android switch is that it takes a long time for the new Android version to roll out to the rest of Android-run devices. Indeed, Google itself has revealed that although the current-gen Android Marshmallow was released last year, around half of upgrade-ready Android devices have yet to update to Android 6.0.1.

With the seamless update in place, it is expected that major Android releases after Android N will be quicker and will roll out to devices in an earlier manner.

However, it is revealed that the seamless update feature will only work for upcoming devices. Meanwhile, current and existing devices which will get the Android N platform will still get their updates the usual way – wait for Google and tech manufacturers to roll them out.