Android N release date, features, updates: Android N developer preview to make it to non-Nexus devices soon?

Flickr/Rob Bulmahn

Google has already rolled out a developer preview for the upcoming Android N platform, which means that the full version may already be on the way. However, only a limited number of Android users can get a sneak peek of the new platform as the developer preview is available only to Nexus devices.

According to Android Authority, buried deep on the Android N developer preview page of Google is a hint that the Mountain View-based industry giant may be working with OEMs in the background to get an early version of Android N to non-Nexus devices. The industry follower said that based on the source metadata, Google will make Android N available to "... more supported devices, including devices from OEM partners."

If this is true, this means that Android-run devices from third-party tech manufacturers like Samsung and Sony Mobile may be able to get the developer preview of the upcoming platform soon. In addition, it is hinted that the preview version will be an automatic update since the metadata stated that the next updates to the Android N developer preview will feature "Seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to final N release without flashing."

Prior to this, users can get the Android N developer preview to run on non-Nexus devices provided that the Android-run device is compatible with the version file and the user knows how to manually update it through flashing and rooting the device.

Meanwhile, since there is no timeframe for when this developer preview will roll out to non-Nexus devices, some developers built Android N-related interface and apps on the fly. Currently, there is a newly launched app on the Play Store called the N Launcher, and it simulates the upcoming platform's slide screen and quick access shortcuts.