Android N release date: Google to unveil confectionery name in a few weeks

Android Developers blog

Google has decided to let users of the Android operating system give a name for its upcoming version, Android N. Soon, the community will be able to call the next mobile operating system a proper confectionery name, and not just a single letter.

Android has announced on its Twitter page that a new name for its Android N version will be revealed in a few weeks' time. No exact date was mentioned, thus the community is speculating a late June or early July announcement date. The company even created a short video, a person named John Smith of Professional Naming Incorporated, speaking in behalf of the company, explaining the different types of people who give names for things. Of course, this video is just for fun, which Google is also known for.

The announcement said, "Thanks for your submissions. We'll reveal the new name in a few weeks! #NameAndroidN."

Fans were given a chance to suggest a name for the company's upcoming mobile operating system. This was mentioned during the Google I/O event that happened last May 18 to 20. The company created a "naming page" that fans can use to suggest their desired name for Android N. The suggestion process is over now, but the page displays some of the forwarded names, which include Noodle Pudding, Naan, Nougat, Nuts, Naneesh Tart, Nectar, Nonfat Milk, New Mexico Chile, Nonnevot and several more.

Google is also expected to release the final build of Android N anytime this summer, which will probably coincide with the official name announcement. Fans are also expecting several Nexus hardware to be unveiled when Android N launches. HTC is rumored to be making the Nexus 2016 smartphones,, but Huawei is also said to be working on its Nexus 6P successor. Another rumored product that is in the works is a 7-inch tablet dubbed Nexus 7, a revival of its own tablet.

Fans are looking forward to more news in the weeks to come.