Android M OS release date: Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 4 launches coming before end 2015

Android MGoogle

The Android M is coming soon to most Samsung galaxy devices and folks can look forward to getting it before the year ends.

This was the announcement made by Google when the company officially lifted the covers on the much anticipated Android M at the Google I/O event.

Pegged to get the new Android OS include the following courtesy of YouMobile.

1. Samsung Galaxy Alpha
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A
3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
4. Samsung Galaxy S6
5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos
6. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
7. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos
8. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This remains the official list of Samsung devices which could get the update this year though it is expected that this would be appended in the coming months.

And while the list stands to be updated in the coming months, it is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 was not included though the scenario may most likely indicate that Samsung is moving backwards as far as releasing a suited Android M OS is concerned.

The looming date when Android M could be out may be by the third quarter of the year.

Curiously, a device set to come out is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And while some folks would expect that the device would be out with the Android M in tow, such is not the case. Apparently the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be too close to the release of the Android M, rendering little time to see if it would be compatible with Samsung's latest phablet offering. And with that said it doesn't seem feasible to expect the latest Android OS to be following quickly though such is not discounted for now.

Again, the list of devices pegged to get the Android M is not final. More devices are expected to be added to that list heading into Q3.