Android 5.0: How to fix issues and problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Galaxy S5 and S4

Android 5.0 Lollipop update[Photo credit: Android]

Android 5.0 Lollipop did not come without some issues that will annoy users more than delight them with the idea of receiving the newest and sweetest Android operating system. Some problems were just persistent to Samsung devices and newer builds that may fix the issues are still unreachable.

While twiddling thumbs for the fresher builds that bring in some patches for these recurring issues, there are some measures that are conveniently doable at this time. So for those who rock the Samsung Note 3 and Note 4 as well as the S4 and S5, here are some helpful tips and tricks to follow.

There is the unrelenting issue involving the battery, which runs out of juice despite minimal or no usage. Owners of the aforementioned devices have encountered this problem and this may be because of some third-party apps.

It is a bit taxing but in order to get the battery working fine again, manually uninstall certain apps that could be the root cause of the juice-draining problem. If this does not do the trick, booting the device might get the fix.

To do this, turn the device off then do a long press of the power button and volume down key until Safe Mode shows up on the screen. Successfully doing this will disable third-party apps. For those with the Galaxy Note devices, try to deactivate Bluetooth and NFC and shun using live wallpapers. This might help too.

Then there exists the ever-frustrating Wi-Fi glitch, which slows down connection or impairs users from connecting at all despite being in a location with strong signal. It may not always be the device as the faulty one here but it is best to reboot it just to make sure. If this does nothing, try unplugging and plugging the router after 30 seconds as the router may be the one that is out of order and not the device.

More connectivity issues like ones involving Bluetooth could be fixed by restarting the device or heading to Settings – Bluetooth – Forget Bluetooth Connections – Reconnect. There may also be times the device will be hotter than it is supposed to be. For this, it is best to turn off the device and reboot it after a minute or two. If that fails, remove the microSD card, which may be the guilty party here and turn the device on again.

Lastly, there is a problem unique to Galaxy Note 4 users from U.S. carriers and that is the failure to download completely. If this happens, reboot the device and fully charge it. It may also help downloading Lollipop over Wi-Fi instead of data. This will especially be helpful to users who have yet to get the update, which, according to reports, should arrive this month for the Note 4.