AMG Cosmovision Centre to be a Seminary after Olympics

As the Olympics Games draws towards an end, over the past two weeks thousands of visitors and athletes have converged in Athens. Many eyes are looking closely to the medal table, however AMG International workers are fighting to win the crown that will last forever.

AMG started the quest FLAME 2004, which brings AMG local co-workers, as well as volunteers from throughout Greece, the United States, and other places around the world, together. AMG is operating five "cool zones" which they distributed free cold water and a Christian testimony to the visitors. The bottles have tracts attached to them to encourage the recipients to order Christian literature, a special Olympic edition New Testament or a JESUS Video.

So far many have expressed an interest in these resources, there are already dozens of stories of people coming to Christ,as AMG tries to fulfil its aim to introduce Christ to Greeks and spectators in Athens. 100,000 bottles of cold water are expected to be distributed which means that a great number of people will be reached out to.

Moreover, AMG's Fotis Romeos is very excited about an outreach called Operation Gideon:
"300 people have gone to 40 Greek Islands and after three days of fasting and praying they're distributing New Testaments and other Christian literature to different homes all over Greece. They aim to visit 150,000 homes," he said.

After the Olympics, the AMG's Cosmovision Centre, which serves as a multi-purpose facility in Athens to share the gospel through sports and community projects, will be used for youth and family outreach. It will eventually become the first school in Greece operated by evangelical Christians. After that, the organisation plans to open a seminary dedicated to the study of New Testament Greek.

The development of the Cosmovision Centre is divided into four stages.

Phase I – Land acquisition. (Nine acres have been purchased) The total goal is 15 acres.

Phase II – Choo Choo Dormitories: (train cars used as dorms for short term work teams and youth sports camps), two mini soccer fields, a basketball court, beach volleyball, playground, welcome center, biological sewer system, and a 3,000 square foot building to provide rest rooms, showers, and storage and work space.

Phase III – Building A: The multi-purpose enclosed gym, seating about 1,500 people, athletic swimming pool, dormitories, a library and six class-rooms, an open amphitheatre with 200 seats, a kitchen and dining room.

Phase IV – Building B: Development of the classroom building and the completion of the Cosmovision campus and facilities.