American Idol's Colton Dixon releases new single

American Idol finalist Colton Dixon has released his new single "Never Gone".

The single release launches the Tennessee native's music career with the EMI CMG group.

With the single under his belt, Colton is busy working on his label debut album.

One of the album tracks, "You Are", is due out in October.

Colton is not only a talented performer, he is also a keen songwriter. He recently said he had "written enough for three records".

He's also made friends with other talented names like Brandon Heath and Lifehouse's Jason Wade.

Colton recently sat down with Heath to co-write a song.

He shared the experience with fans on his Facebook page: “Wrote with Brandon Heath today about how if we truly understood the love that God shows us, we would go crazy.haha in other's impossible to understand.”

He added, “Grace isn't something that is normal to us. It's impractical in a practical world, which is why it is not of this world. =)”

Listen to Colton's new song "Never Gone" here: