'American Horror Story' season 4 spoilers: Filming starts this month for fall air date

Cast and crew will start filming the fourth season of "American Horror Story" in July for the airing of the show in the fall.

Fans cannot wait any longer for the next installment of "American Horror Story" and reports stated that the production will start shooting the scenes this month. There have been very few details on the upcoming season, dubbed the "Freak Show".

However, scary movie actress Kathy Bates spilled the beans about the fourth season of "American Horror Story". Kathy Bates is probably one of the best horror actresses in the industry as she starred in some of the classic thriller films such as "Misery". Now, she is back to give everyone a scare.

Kathy Bates bagged the role of Madame LaLaurie in "American Horror Story". However, the actress also knows very little about the new season of the hit FX series.

"It's in the late 1950s in Jupiter, FL, and I know what my character looks like, but I don't know anything else about her. In fact, I've just gone to costume fittings, and we're still developing the character," Bates added. "I haven't seen the script yet, and we start shooting in the middle of July, so time's a-wastin'!" the actress said.

While Kathy may not know the specifics about her character, Sarah Paulson revealed that she will be playing a two-headed woman in the latest installment. The news broke out after the actress tweeted a photo showing what she will look.

"I mean, I'm surprised that Sarah Paulson came out with that she has two heads. I was like, 'What?!' But I think it's Ryan who disseminates that information when and where he wants to. I know he's talked about the fact that we're a freak show, and we're sort of in the last days of the freak show," Kathy added.

"American Horror Story" season 4 is coming to FX this fall.