'American Horror Story' season 5 rumors: Jessica Lange bidding the show goodbye? New chapter to be set in 1950 Nevada?

"American Horror Story" has already wrapped up the stories of the freaks in Jupiter, Florida with "Curtain Call." Sure enough, fans now look forward to what the future holds for the show, which should be shifting to its fifth season soon. There is a huge possibility though that the creepy ride will leave Jessica Lange behind as showrunner Ryan Murphy already expressed his gratitude to the actress "for everything." 

Fans quickly thought that this may be Murphy's adieu to the 65-year-old actress, although expectedly, there are some reports that suggest her return. MTV, for one, tags her comeback as a "maybe." Carter Matt, on the other hand, says that the actress can still make up her mind before season 5 details are set in stone. The site also suggests the possibility of her limited participation, where she can star in one or two episodes rather than all thirteen of them. Will this work though? 

Lange has been in the series since its debut in 2011. While many trust that Murphy can manage to concoct another fitting character for her, his cryptic tweet proposes otherwise. This may not help "American Horror Story," which MTV believes will lose its "spark" upon Lange's departure. 

However, her character Elsa, who pursued her dream to become a Hollywood star and met her doom in the finale of "Freak Show," has brought some clues for a plotline that might work for season 5. Elsa's husband Massimo has brought the said inkling to fans. The construction worker has revealed his imminent death due to his lung and bone disease, which made the romance between the two short-lived.

IB Times bets that Massimo got the ailment from radiation poisoning from the bombs he manufactured along with a fake Nevada building the government detonated for a dry-run. This leads to theories concerning "a local field exercise" known as Top Hat done by the U.S. Army chemical corps in 1953, wherein human subjects were used in radiological testing. The site believes that season 5 may be something along this line. 

IB Times supports the conjecture by citing Nevada Test Site, which bears a wealth of information about how bomb-testing back in the 1950s proved hazardous in Nevada and Utah by getting the citizens prone to diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma and ones that affect the thyroid, breast, bone and brain among others. 

One thing that is sure the show will leave out is a story set in the galactic. Stopping by Z100 Morning Show, Sarah Paulson (Bette and Dot in "Freak Show") has made it a point to slam rumors about a space-type story in the next season.

"I can almost say with great confidence that I have not heard that [space theme] from the people who actually know things," Paulson said. 

Meanwhile, MTV lists the stars that will likely return to the show. These include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Frances Conroy and Finn Wittrock, who "has to" come back. Kathy Bates may be giving it a go again as well. However, it is still unknown if Angela Bassett is going for another shot in season 5. Lastly, MTV hopes and prays that Lily Rabe and Taissa Farmiga should find their way to the show again.