AmbyGear smartwatch to cater to kids; price, features and release date

There are a lot of smartwatches in the market today that parents can use to keep track of their kids. These watches, most of the time equipped with GPS, are worn by children so they may not get lost when outside. However, most of these devices act mainly as a tracker and watch but don't have any other features. 

Because of this, Ambit Networks decided to launch its own line of wearables designed for kids. The AmbyGear Smartwatch, now live on crowdsourcing site Indiegogo, is designed not only to track the kids when they're outside, but also to keep them entertained. 

The gear is a water resistant and shock-proof device with built-in GPS to update parents of the precise location of the kids. It also comes with an alert feature, and connects it to parents' mobile phones via text alerts. The text app sends a message directly from a parent's phone to the AmbyGear watch so it doesn't need phone coverage in order to receive alerts. This feature makes it possible to take the gear to dense areas with intermittent cell signals such as during camping trips or in forests. Parents can arrange for a geo-fenced area as well, and boundary alerts will notify them when their kids venture outside their set boundaries. There is also a tamper alert feature that notifies them if the watch is being removed. 

For the kids themselves, they can use the Find Me app that tells them where to locate their parents in cases of emergency. The watch also comes with preloaded educational games and apps which kids can use to play and learn. It guarantees up to seven days of battery power on a single charge. 

The AmbyGear smartwatch is initially available for $99, and other perks and discounts are available at their Indiegogo page. The estimated delivery for the gear is August this year.