'Amazon 'Top Gear' release date news: premiere coming in the fall as 'The Grand Tour'; first stop Yorkshire?

Amazon's "Top Gear" counterpart will be called "The Grand Tour."Facebook/The Grand Tour

It took a long while but the so-called Amazon "Top Gear" now has an official name— "The Grand Tour." The title encapsulates what hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will be doing on the new motoring show.

Although the highly-anticipated series is being dubbed Amazon "Top Gear," it will actually follow a format very different from the motoring show, which BBC is rebooting with a star-studded group of presenters lead by radio and TV presenter Chris Evans.

The original "Top Gear" trio will be driving from one location to another bringing with them a giant tent, which will serve as their studio or hub.

This tent will find itself set up in various parts of the world every episode and fans who want to see it near them will have to give "The Grand Tour" a very convincing argument as to why they will bring it there.

So far, the only destination that the Amazon "Top Gear" officially has lined up is Yorkshire, which might very well be the first as it holds a special spot in the hearts of "The Grand Tour" hosts.

"The only place where we will definitely be pitching our tent is Yorkshire. All 3 of us grew up there," Clarkson tweeted.

The host also said that other places like Croatia, Berlin, California and Scotland could definitely be part of the itinerary of the original "Top Gear" trio. Wherever Clarkson and the team will find themselves in the premiere of "The Grand Tour," the 56-year-old motoring journalist promised that their first stop will be announced soon.


As for the release date of the Amazon "Top Gear" show, the series is slated for a fall premiere. It is unknown how many episodes there will be and whether they will be broadcasted each week or available in one go.