Amazon pulls 'Gayer' Bible with Rihanna as God and Trump as Satan, only to reinstate it later

He grew up in a 'super religious family,' but that isn't stopping gay comedian Elijah Daniels from mocking the Holy Book of 2 million Christians with his 'Gayer' Bible. 

The popular YouTuber has published his own version of the Bible 'but gayer' which, according to the Independent, includes references to gay sex and chooses an interesting array of celebrities to replace the figures recorded in the Bible.

Pop star Rihanna portrays God while Donald Trump is Satan, and interestingly, he chooses Taylor Swift to be the Serpent. The Disciples are all replaced with drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race and other celebrities to make appearances include Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Seacrest.

According to Billboard, Daniel said he chose 'all the controversial verses' and not only swapped around names and places, but their words as he replaced the recorded words of God in the Holy Bible with some of Rihanna's tweets.

According to the Independent, the parody enjoyed a short time as the number one new release in Christian ebooks and Bibles.

Amazon quickly pulled it from its site hours later, saying in an email that it was 'pending additional documentation regarding rights to this title.'

But the online retailing giant reinstated just a day later and said in an email to Daniel that the original email was 'sent in error.'

It's not the first time the comedian has made headlines after previously becoming Mayor of Hell, a real town in Michigan, for just one day. During his brief tenure, he banned heterosexual people from the town and at the time explained to the Huffington Post that it was meant to be a protest against Trump's travel ban. 

According to Billboard, he chose Trump to be Satan as 'Satan in the Bible is a slick, tempting, good character.'

'It's more of a compliment to him than anything.'