Amazing Christian conversion: Ex-convict who used to fear cops now prays for them

Edward “Doc” Amey and Texas Police Officer Salvador Chapa hold hands in prayer.(ABC 13 screenshot/Kevin Woods)

Ex-convict Edward "Doc" Amey has spent a considerable time of his life fearing and hiding from the police. He has engaged in illegal drug activity, was arrested on numerous occasions and thrown by law enforcement authorities to prison three times.

Seven years ago, however, Amey discovered God while he was serving his sentence in jail. Overwhelmed by emotions, the drug convict cried out to God in desperation and prayed intensely to seek redemption. He developed a habit of attending Church, and studying the Holy Bible.

When he became a Christian, Amey also felt that the police officers, who he once feared, can also be instruments in drawing him even closer to God.

Recently, a picture of Amey praying on a police officer who once arrested him went viral on the Internet.

In an interview on a local television show, the ex-convict who converted to Christianity explained that he just felt an "urge" in his heart to ask God to protect cops.

"The last week-and-a-half God has really been giving me the urge to pray for police officers," Amey shared.

He recalled how he approached last weekend Officer Salvador Chapa, who once arrested him on a gun charge, on the streets just to share a moment of prayer with him.

"I pray that You continue to watch over him. Continue to guide him and lead him in the way that You may have him go, Lord," Amey prayed with Chapa.

Kevin Woods, Amey's friend who took the viral photo, recalled how he was amazed by what he witnessed.

"I got to watch something so amazing. I'm speechless. We are at a cook-off and I see Sal Chapa get pulled away. I look over and they are in prayer," Woods recalled.

"Sal arrested this guy about eight years ago on a gun charge. ... While he was in prison he said, 'God, if you are real, turn my life around.' This man wanted to pray for the officer's safety," he added.