Alex Ferguson gets behind Lent appeal

Sir Alex Ferguson with his Wee Box

Footballing giant Sir Alex Ferguson is supporting the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund's Lent appeal.

Throughout Lent, people are going without their favourite treats like coffee or chocolate. The Wee Box, Big Change campaign challenges them to put the money they would have spent into their SCIAF box and donate it the charity's development work around the world.

The charity works in communities affected by war, hunger, poverty, disease and natural disasters.

Other high profile Scots backing the campaign include Susan Boyle, Ally McCoist, Neil Lennon and Kaye Adams.

Last year, the campaign raised over £830,000 for the charity's life-saving work in countries including South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Ethiopia, Burundi and Haiti.

Sir Alex said: "I've been all over the world in my career and one thing I've realised is that we have to look after those less fortunate than ourselves, wherever they may live.

"I'm supporting SCIAF's Wee Box, Big Change campaign because they believe our neighbours don't just live across the street.

"Please save up your spare change in your Wee Box, it'll make a real difference to people who need your support."

SCIAF Director Patricia Chalé said: "Many thousands of Scots are already busy filling their SCIAF Wee Boxes in the run-in to Easter with money saved from giving up treats such as chocolate and beer during Lent.

"I've no doubt that Sir Alex's public support will encourage many more people to find out about the campaign, get their own SCIAF Wee Box, and make a donation. Every penny goes to helping people in urgent need."

To get your own free SCIAF Wee Box call SCIAF on 0141 354 5555 or email

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