'Alaskan Bush People' cast news: Ami Brown diagnosed with cancer; Billy faces backlash for insensitive comments

Twitter/AlaskanBushPPLMatt Brown from "Alaskan Bush People"

The recent episodes of "Alaskan Bush People" revealed that Ami Brown is fighting for her life. Meanwhile her husband Billy is taking a lot of heat for his comments on it.

It is an incredibly emotional time for the whole Brown family in "Alaskan Bush People" after their matriarch Ami Brown, was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. However, despite the sickness that Ami is now trying to beat, she is still focused on caring for her husband Billy and their seven children. Ami stated that the whole family is there and are very supportive of her as she goes through treatment. Naturally, they are worried, but Ami revealed that she told them not to and that no matter what the outcome may be, it is God's will.

Adding on to what she said, Ami said that she really wants to be there for her children throughout the rest of their firsts in life. She wants to be there when her children get married and have families of their own, and especially when the grandchildren come, and it is why she is determined to beat her illness. "I want to hold their babies. I want to hear them laughing."

While Ami has gotten a lot of messages of support and prayers from her loved ones and fans, there is one member of the Brown family who has been getting a lot of criticism. It is none other than the Brown patriarch Billy, according to BlastingNews. In a previous episode, after Ami's diagnosis, the two of them began to talk about their future and the plans for the family, as well as the chance that they may have to shut Browntown down permanently.

During the time they were filming this episode, most of the Brown family had decided to travel to California, where Ami is being treated. This left Matt and Noah to tend to things back at Browntown, but everyone was already considering leaving Browntown for good to be there for Ami. However, Billy was not too pleased with the idea, and expressed that the Bush was the only place where he really felt free.

His comments regarding this drew criticism from many fans, many of whom called Billy "a jerk" for playing the victim when it is Ami who has her life on the line. One fan even called him pitiful for being unable to live away from the Bush and that he needed to remind Ami about it.