'Ace Attorney' news: new game coming to Nintendo Switch

Facebook/Ace Attorney
A promotional photo for Ace Attorney's latest game for the 3DS

The "Ace Attorney" franchise has been intriguing many of their fans with mysterious cases and plot-twist endings. With their continued success in every release, their latest game for the franchise has finally been announced for Nintendo Switch.

Capcom, the publisher behind the "Ace Attorney" games, was previously reserved when it comes to their support for the Switch. They did, however, tweaked some old games and provided some ports for the said console. With Nintendo finding success in the Switch, looks like Capcom has been convinced.

According to ComicBook, during an interview with Haruhiro Tsujimoto, one of the company's executives, he announced that Capcom will be preparing more for Switch next year. The "Ace attorney games are included," said Tsujimoto. He also revealed that there will be other games fans can look forward to but not much has been said about them for now.

As for the new "Ace Attorney" title, he promised fans that it will be out within the 2019 fiscal year which is April 2018 to March 2019, as per GameZone. Although that is quite a long stretch, at least it is good to know that there will definitely be a new game.

The "Ace Attorney" series first found their success on GameBoy Advance and moved on to Nintendo DS and 3DS. They did not release titles for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, staying true to their portability but lacking out on the new graphics newer consoles offer. With Nintendo Switch, they can finally up their visuals while still having that portability.

"Ace Attorney" can currently be found in different kinds of media today. Aside from the popular games many fans know of, they even have their own manga, anime and live-action, drama CDs, and stage plays. The game itself has had multiple remastered versions and spin-offs. The protagonist, Phoenix Wright, himself can be played in the "Marvel vs. Capcom" franchise.