Aberdeen church backs fight against 'female foeticide' in India

An Aberdeen church has joined the fight against “female foeticide” by backing an Indian news anchor turned human rights campaigner.

Acclaimed broadcaster and author Kishwar Desai will address an open meeting at Queen’s Cross Church on Wednesday evening, speaking about the injustice of abortion in her homeland of India.

Her first novel "Witness the Night" focuses on female foeticide and the role of women today in India and Britain.

Kishwar Desai discovered through her research an estimated 35 million females have been aborted over the last 20 years and this shocking practice continues today.

She found out that this is also happening in Britain today. Indian females, desperate for a male heir will travel to India to abort their female foetus after finding out the sex of their unborn baby.

Minister Rev Scott Rennie said it was an important issue to share with his congregation: "We are delighted to have such a high profile speaker as Kishwar Desai coming to Aberdeen, and to give us an insight into this issue.

“All of us who have children can identify with the issues she raises, and we at Queen's Cross are delighted to be able to help raise awareness, and promote such a wonderful novel."

Queen’s Cross member Christine Roy was the catalyst in bringing Lady Desai to the church. She explained: “I heard Kishwar Desai speak at the Oxford Literary Festival in March this year and the impact was huge.

“I wrote to her and invited her to speak as she had only 12 in her audience, and this voice against injustice really must be heard.

“Queen’s Cross Church has always taken such a strong stance against injustice and is actively involved.”

All funds from Kishwar's novel, “Witness the Night”, will go to special needs children with whom the author has direct contact.