Aaron Carter shares his side of the story after DUI arrest

Wikimedia Commons/Peter DzubayAaron Carter performing at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City.

Aaron Carter was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and drug possession on Sunday, July 16. Now, the 29-year-old singer has released a statement about the matter.

In a statement obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Carter's representative shared their side of the story. The singer-turned-actor has reportedly been traveling to different cities as part of the promotional stunt for his latest single, "Sooner or Later."

Suddenly, the new tire of his vehicle went out of alignment. As a result, Carter drove to the nearest Auto Zone in Cornelia, Georgia to get it fixed.

"After being at the store and requesting help to get his alignment fixed, he was arrested inside by several police officers with aggression," the representative said, adding, "The police also revoked his rights to have an attorney."

Carter's side is claiming that police officers only targeted him because he is famous. Allegedly, there is even CCTV footage that will prove he was not in a moving vehicle while arrested and charged with a DUI.

As for the charges of possession of marijuana and drug-related objects, the rep explained that the former child actor holds a license for medical marijuana for his long-standing anxiety.

The lengthy statement concluded by thanking fans across the world for the prayers and support they have shown. Carter will also do everything in his power to ensure that such an incident never happens again.

The "That's How I Beat Shaq" hitmaker was released from jail on a $4,610 bond on Sunday afternoon, according to E! News. His photographer girlfriend, Madison Parker, who was arrested and charged with obstruction and two drug-related charges, is still in prison.

Despite what happened, the "I Want Candy" singer will still reportedly hold a meet and greet and acoustic performance in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday, July 18.