A third of Brits going without holiday at Christmas


Offices have wound down for the season but although Christmas for many may be about seeing the family and putting our feet up to watch some good old movies, that doesn't mean many of us will be resting our feet for too long.

A poll by TripAdvisor in the run-up to Christmas reveals that nearly a third of Brits admit they won't be taking any additional days off over the festive period.

The poll was carried out on 1,215 respondents on TripAdvisor.co.uk between 19 December and 20 December 2013.

Bank holidays aside, it found that 30 per cent are not planning on taking any extra days off for Christmas or the New Year this year.

A further one in six (15%) said they would only be taking one or two days holiday over the same period.

 At the other end of the scale, around a fifth (22%) of British travellers said they planned to enjoy more than ten days holiday over the festive period.

The rest of those polled were split evenly between those opting for 3 to 5 days off (16%) or 5 to 10 days holiday (16%).

"A long winter break remains a popular option for many travellers to recharge their batteries, but it seems there is also a sizeable proportion of Brits who will have to make do with just a few days off work over the festive period," commented James Kay, TripAdvisor spokesperson.