A portrait of limitations

An exciting art project is drawing on people's personal stories of inner resolve and breakthrough in times of difficulty.

Phil Hansen is inviting people around the world to submit their stories, which will then be written onto a huge canvas.

The project is all about the limitations people have experienced in their lives but Phil wants the work to be a "public dialogue".

One person shared with him: "I grew up with alcoholic, neglectful parents who beat each other up every day. People have told me they're shocked I turned out so well - I owe it to my faith in God."

Another says: "I just got back from three months of awesome service and deepening my relationship with God in New Zealand. Now I am back in the USA, and it is difficult to adjust back to my home culture. I am a different person, and this 'new me' is finding it hard to fit back into an old life. I feel stuck in the suburbs, and life seems to be at a standstill. One thing I do know: God is faithful and He will take me great places wherever I am."

His Kickstarter fundraising campaign was a huge success. He aimed to raise $8,038 but in the end reached over $20,000 from 482 backers.

"This project gives us the opportunity to reflect on our limitations and to be part of something bigger than our own struggles," he shared.

"Hopefully, in the end, we can gain new perspectives about our limitations through this shared art experience."

Anyone can share a story about a limitation at www.philinthecircle.com