A new start for former addicts

Horizon Life Training is celebrating a successful first year of training up former addicts with skills that will help them make a fresh start in life.  

The Christian charity guides people through a 12-month residential abstinence discipleship programme to give them freedom from their addictions to drug or alcohol. 

Once the abstinence programme is completed, participants are then trained up in vocational skills like farming and landscaping, catering or joinery. 

The charity is funded largely by donations from Christians and church groups.  

Brian Hendlesby, Chief Operating Officer of Horizon Life Training says: "Each day we thank the Lord for giving us the chance to be part of the work of Horizon Life Training, our centre for reaching out, relieving, re-educating and restoring.

"The Christian Church supports us through prayer, raising valuable funds, and offering quality hands-on experience to our project in Harrogate. The team here at Horizon Life Training are proud to help our graduates and watch them seize the opportunity to re-enter society with self worth and the skills they need to continue on life's journey.

"A huge thank you must go to the individuals and churches of all denominations that support Horizon Life Training."