A dog is a woman's best friend

(Photo: Andrzej Pobiedziński)

Over a third of men would miss their partner while on holiday but it seems women are more likely to miss their pet dogs, according to a survey by travel search site Skyscanner.

While 37% of men put their partner as the thing they were most likely to miss if they were on holiday without them, it appears women don't return the favour as only a fifth of women (21%) said they would miss their partner.

Over a third of women (37%) put their pet pooches as the thing they would miss most on holiday - topping partners and other family members.

But it seems, regardless of gender, dog owners find it tough being away from their four-legged friends during the holiday break.

Over a fifth (22%) admitted to taking a photo of their pooch on holiday, while 40% said they had called or texted to check their furry friend was ok.

Fourteen per cent said they had 'chatted' to their dog by phone so that they could hear its voice, while a few (5%) said they had even had a Skype conversation with their dog while on holiday.

For those favouring a more traditional touch, 6% have put pen to paper to write their dog a postcard.

A shocking 3% of dog owners admitted to ending their holiday early and heading home because they missed their dog too much.

Over half of doggy-owning holidaymakers have never taken a vacation without them and a fifth claimed the company of any pet would make the perfect companion on holiday - even more so than their children or friends.

Skyscanner's Victoria Bailie comments, "Many dog owners see their pet as part of the family, so it's understandable that they miss them when they go away on holiday. The survey does show that there's 'paws' for thought as to whether a dog really is man's best friend, particularly if they know that their partners are missing their dogs more than them when away."

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