A day in the life of Tom Read

Having seen his label debut go right to the top of the iTunes chart in Hong Kong, Tom Read’s album Compass has stirred up the interest and kickstarted the questions about the songwriter himself. To help tell his story in his own words. Tom’s new Day In The Life video has just been uploaded to YouTube.

In a world of modern worship that is almost entirely dominated by North America, the UK and Australia, Tom’s experience as a worship leader in Hong Kong marks him out as something different. The video not only shows the locations in all their crowded city-street glory, but it also allows the viewer to get a little better acquainted with Tom himself.

We see him at home, at the office, leading worship at church - where he continues to train his native English tongue to lead worship in Mandarin - and we see him round the day out on stage at a mainstream music venue.

Tom partners with Tim Hughes and the team in London in his role as the Hong Kong Worship Central Coordinator, bringing valuable worship teaching and training to Asia. It is this shared heart to see worship unleashed that sends Tom out from the church to other venues. He describes what it is like to lead worship in church and then to play the same songs in a venue outside of it “challenging and fun but scary at the same time.”

Tom’s Day In The Life offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the latest in a long line of Integrity songwriters to bring what is happening in their local church to a global audience.

Although Compass is his label debut, Tom has already released three English language albums and two Chinese EPs with The Vine Band. He also was collaborated recently with Kingsway Music and Worship Central to produce a Mandarin Chinese album called Counting On Your Name, which features worship leaders from around Asia. Tom signed with Kingsway Music in 2011.