A red rose or a bunch of white lilies: Significance of gifting flowers in different cultures and regions


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Since time immemorial, humans have developed various means of expressions. Flowers are just another subtle and silent way of expressing one's feelings. Whether you want to show your love, or you want to thank your friend, whether you are attending an anniversary celebration or a funeral, if you wish to gift a flower to your favorite teacher on his retirement or whether you want to send a bouquet to a relative's newborn baby, flowers can say it all.

Expressions through flowers have become an essential part of our lives. In this age, with the advent of the internet technology, sending flowers is a matter of just a few clicks. You can click and send flowers of your choice to any location at any point in time. An array of online florists presents a platform for internet users to choose the type, color, quantity, and presentation of flowers to be sent to your dear ones. Send flowers USA early in the morning or late in the night with the aid of online flower shops.

Flowers have their respective meanings. A red rose symbolizes love, whereas a yellow one represents friendship. Certain flowers are used for a casual occasion worldwide whereas some others represent different meanings in different regions and cultures. Note below some interesting facts about sending flowers:

  • In China, giving flowers to teachers is popular culture. One of the most popular flowers in China, especially on the occasion of marriages are Peonies.
  • In Arab countries, young women are presented light-shaded flowers usually in the event of engagement and birth.
  • In German culture, red flowers, especially roses imply love and affection. White flowers are appropriate for funerals. Orange and yellow flowers signify the simple joys of life whereas blue represents freedom. Lighter shades such as pink suggest sweeter emotions.
  • In Asia, potted flowers signify bindings and restrictions. Hence it is an inappropriate gift.
  • In Italy, the flowers have entirely distinct meanings. Light blue flowers are ideal for weddings or as gifts during spring. Dark red flower symbolizes continuity and perseverance. Pink flowers express new love and enthusiasm. Orange represents successful endeavors, joys, and happiness. People gift them on birthdays as well as anniversaries. Pink flowers adore events like weddings. Turquoise shades suit occasions such as achievement of diplomas or degrees in the field of arts and science.
  • In Rome, during the early days, brides used to carry flowers. It was believed that carrying flowers wards off evil and ensures fertility.
  • In Russia, yellow flowers are appropriate for funeral and flowers in odd numbers are gifted on occasions of joy and happiness. Spring flowers such as Tulips and Hyacinths and others such as red roses symbolize Women's Day.
  • The number of flowers gifted also has different meanings. In Brazil, single flowers are appropriate for romantic situations whereas, in Eastern Europe, it is a custom to give flowers in odd numbers.

Flowers have represented human emotions in the past, and they will continue to do so till technology takes over human touch.