A blizzard didn't stop these Catholics from celebrating Mass in the snow

Hundreds of Catholics held Mass outside, complete with an altar made from snow, on Saturday when they got stuck in the blizzard that has disrupted cities across eastern US states.

The group were on their way back from annual March for Life in Washington DC when they were stranded along with hundreds of others due to snowfall on a highway in Pennsylvania.

A video of priests holding Mass outside in the storm has now been viewed over 712,000 times on Facebook:

Mass outside. In the blizzard once in a lifetime experience.

Posted by Holy Spirit Church on Saturday, 23 January 2016

According to LifeSite, representatives from the Missionary Benedict Sisters from Norfolk, Nebraska, were among those stranded. "Word spread around, and on one bus, the priest had around 300 hosts, and offered to celebrate the mass," they posted online.

"Well word travelled around fast and soon we had like 6 priests and 500 people there. God is good!!!"

Others also posted photos of the Mass online:

Elsewhere, Father Jim Sichko of St Mark Catholic Church in Richmond, Kentucky, shared a photo of an unusual snowman outside his church on Sunday:

Bestselling author Eric Metaxas also tweeted a picture of the snowfall at his church in New York:

At least others were on hand with some more, er, practical advice: