Making the seconds and minutes in each day count

When Pastor Derek Grier moved his congregation to a new building in a poorer neighbourhood, he went from leading a 200-strong church to one made up of less than thirty regulars.

Struggling with funding and a waning congregation, he felt God calling him to host a radio programme. Given his tight budget, he began holding short sixty-second radio spots – they were all he could afford.

The response was phenomenal. "I had only sixty seconds to give a meaningful and memorable message that would radically impact the life of the listener," Grier explains.

"The 'Minutes' aired, and they became an area phenomenon. By the end of the first year over one thousand people had visited our church. By the end of 2011, we were holding four services every Sunday to keep up with demand ... but none of this would have happened if we did not first learn the value of the minute."

Out of the success of these radio programmes, Grier has written two books: '60 minutes of wisdom: insight in an instant' and 'Another 60 minutes of wisdom: growth on the go'.

Each compiles the transcripts of 60 of his minute-long radio slots, in which he hopes to share a quick bite of wisdom to help readers in their walk with God.

The wide range of topics which are addressed in the mini-segments will provide readers from all walks of life with a reminder of God's grace and guidance in every circumstance. Grier looks at connectedness, giving, leadership, self-respect, hell, money and marriage to name but a few, and backs each up with biblical grounding.

The condensed nature of the extracts mean that many will want additional reading for their quiet times, but they are perfect for a quick moment of focus when life is busy and we find ourselves short of time.

"Join with me on a journey to make every minute of your life matter," writes Grier.

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