6 Mindsets to Help You Find Meaning in Your Life Today


Everyone desires significance in life. We all want to find meaning to our life. Maybe you're in a season when you feel like nothing you do has meaning or significance.

Life can be bombarded with things that distract us from the things that truly matter. Reading through Ecclesiastes, we see the life of King Solomon, the greatest example of a life that lost meaning because of all the wrong pursuits. As a conclusion to the great list of "meaningless vanities" Ecclesiastes 12:13 says, "The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man."

The true source of meaning to your life is God Himself.

Here are six mindset changes that will lead you closer to the meaning that is found in Jesus and away from the meaningless pursuits of the world.

1. You Are Not What You Do

Success, fame, fortune and career like to wear the disguise of purpose. But what we do is not who we are. It is in fact just a small fraction of our identity. Our identity is primarily and solely fixed on Christ and what He has done for us.

2. Build Relationships, Not Storehouses

Things and possessions will never give as much value that we get from relationships and people. If you want to really find purpose, look for it in people, and not profit from it.

3. Seek God's Glory, Not Our Own

The fulfilment in being honoured and glorified does not compare to the fulfilment that comes in bringing glory and honour to God. When we seek first God's satisfaction and pleasure, we are most satisfied and pleased.

4. Everyone Called to Greatness Is Called to Lead

If you want to pursue greatness, you're going to have to lead. It's not going to be

5. Things Are Better When We're Not in Charge

While we are called into leadership, we are not in charge. Greater meaning is found behind putting God in charge of every area of our life. When we seek first God's kingdom and lordship, He adds all things that satisfy and brings meaning unto us.

6. Our Greatest Reward Is Yet to Come

Unless we know the full extent of our reality, we will not understand its full meaning. Our reality stretches beyond the 60 to 80 years we have on this earth. Our greatest destination is heaven and our greatest rewards are yet to be found in the next phase of our life.

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