50,000 postcards invite cinemagoers to explore Christian faith

The Christian Enquiry Agency is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new poster and postcard campaign.

The organisation provides free and confidential information about the Christian faith.

Its campaign is inviting people to take a look at the website Christianity.org.uk and offers them a free colour magazine-style Gospel of Luke.

The postcards ask the question 'At what moment in your life did you feel most fully alive?'. On the reverse is the challenge: 'It's time you found out what Jesus said about life in his own words.'

People can add their details and send the postcard to a freepost address or use the QR code to ask for a Gospel.

It is hoping the 50,000 postcards placed in cinema foyers around the country will make their way into the hands of people unlikely to set foot in a church.

Thousands more postcards will be handed out at parent and toddler groups, outreach events, and clubs and community groups meeting in church buildings.

Peter Graystone, the coordinator of the Christian Enquiry Agency, said: "The campaign is relentlessly positive. Like me! When people visit the website they will find information about enjoying life, how faith can improve life, and resurrection."

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