Christian NGO Provides Health Care in Ghana

Kpadjai, GHANA-A Christian NGO in Ghana, Africa is organizing health clinics in the East Gonja District to enhance health condition of its people.

On Tuesday February 17, 2004, the Ghana Branch of the Grace Baptist Mission, an international Christian evangelization NGO and Shalom Indigenous Foundation of USA, marked the inauguration of a clinic in Kpadjai and provided free medical care to 200 people in Kpadjai of the East Gonja District, treating various diseases such as malaria, worm infestation, river blindness, high blood pressure, skin diseases, etc.

The Reverend Noah Quarshie, Director of Grace Baptist Mission, said the clinic was needed to allow people to have easy access to medical treatment, without traveling long distance to Salaga.

Rev, Quarshie also wanted to inform the community about the importance of visiting health clinics over only relying on God for treatment by simply praying. "It is true that God heals spiritually but it is also the same God who created herbs and doctors".

The Chief of Kpadjai, Nana Kru Wie II, thanked the NGOs for offering health clinics saying the clinic would help the community to improve health condition of the people, which would at the end also improve their economy.

The East Gonja District Chief Executive, Mr Bismark Haruna, also thanked the NGOs for complementing the government efforts to provide health care to rural communities. He asked for continuous support from other churches and NGOs to improve living standard of the people.

Besides offering health facilities, Grace Baptist Mission provides training for pastors, equips youth through youth camps and youth ministry and organizes agricultural activities for the community.