5 things to never say to a rebellious child

Pixabay / Fee Loona

Rebellious children can be a great challenge for Christian parents and a great one for that matter. However, no matter how hard it may seem, there is a promise that God is the Lord over relationships and is sovereign over the most dysfunctional family ties and we can claim this in Jesus' name.

It's never easy to raise up children who are defiant because they are sinful beyond measure, but here's news in case you forgot: so are you. So the grace that your children need to become built up with love and in love is the same kind of grace that you need from God to allow you to become effective guides and protectors to your children, and to act in love and wisdom at the same time.

This ability doesn't come from ourselves because God never said parenting would be easy, but He does promise us the grace and ability to carry on in relationships as such in Jesus Christ.

And as easy as it is to hurl hurtful words to our rebellious sons and daughters when they get on our nerves, there are just some things that we should never say. Here are a few things to avoid saying.

"You're a burden." Your children could very well be causing problems at home, but always remember that they are not the problem. Sin is. Saying that they are the problem will never fix anything, but rather just highlight the wrong perspective.

"I will never forgive you if you do this." The Bible instructs us to forgive others, including our children, in the light of the forgiveness that was freely given to us even though we did not deserve it either.

"Where did I go wrong?" Often parents feel the need to highlight the effort that they have put into parenting their children, but I would like to give you this friendly reminder again- it is not about your ability or inability to raise Godly children, but about the grace God has given you.

"I don't trust you anymore." To make children think that trust is based on our performance is a painful lie that we would be instilling in them. Remember that even though we aren't trustworthy, God entrusts to us His plans and purposes and involves us in His redemptive work.

"I give up." Children will always need their parents to fight for them, and when we aren't fighting for them, someone else will do it for you. Too often gang leaders, drug lords and wrong company are more willing to fight for kids than their own parents.