5 healthy lunch-box snacks your kids will love


High-fiber smoothie

How many kids love bran flakes? You may be one of those lucky parents but most kids will instinctively reach for the sugary puffs.  However, fiber is essential to a healthy diet, aiding digestion and helping to control blood sugar levels. Fiber is also great at making us feel full for longer. If your kids aren't into bran cereals, a great way to get more fiber into their diet is to serve them up a healthy and delicious smoothie. Superhealthykids.com has a great broccoli smoothie recipe and the best part is they won't even taste the broccoli! 

Banana bread


A slice of home-made banana bread is a great mid-morning snack for your kids that will fill them up without all the sugar and fat to be found in store-bought candy and baked goods. Hemsley and Hemsley have a great recipe that replaces flour with flaxseed, a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids linked to reducing inflammation and even depression.  Fish is a great source of Omega-3 but this loaf is a great alternative for kids who aren't into fish. 

Baked kale chips

Don't just reach for the potato chips the next time you're doing your weekly shop. Head to the veg section and reach for a bag of kale instead. Home-made kale chips are low in calories and baking the kale reportedly ensures it retains all of its nutritional value.  And the best part about it? It couldn't be easier to make!  See here for details.

Garlic lime hummus

The key ingredients to hummus – chickpeas, tahini and garlic - are all superfoods. Tahini is rich in protein while chickpeas are low in fat and rich in iron and fiber. While you could just grab a tub at the store, it's super easy to make at home and you will get more for your money. The LifeAsMom blog has a simple recipe for home-made hummus with lime but you can also make it with lemon. Serve it up with some slices of raw veg. 

Pita chips

Pita chips are really simple to make, plus they are low in fat, and can be served with delicious healthy dips and hummus so they are a great alternative to store bought tortilla and potato chips that often contain more sodium and fat. For a more flavoursome pita chip, add some seasoning. See here and here for ideas.  Serve up with some home-made dip