5 best Bible stories to share with your children


As Christian parents, you have the duty to share the Gospel with your children. The Bible is a book filled with amazing stories of God, and it's a good idea to give your kids a head start in falling in love with this book as they grow up. Introduce the Bible to your children in a fun and exciting way. This way, they can look forward to every story. It is also important to highlight the lessons one can learn from the stories you will discuss. To get your child started on his/her walk with God, you can begin with these beautiful stories that kids can easily understand.

The Creation

A great introduction to the Bible is sharing the story of how God created the world. This will immediately give your child an idea of how powerful the Lord is and feel more appreciative of the world around him/her. Explain that everything in this world from the skies to the trees are all God's creation. Even mom and dad are God's creation, which is why God is our Father.

The Birth of Baby Jesus

Every Christmas, kids can see images of Jesus' manger but not know exactly what this means. For kids, often Christmas is all about the presents. While there's no problem with letting your kid think Christmas is a festive occasion, it will be best to also explain the reason for the season. Christmas is the day Jesus was born, and the reason for the celebration. This story will let your child better understand who Jesus is and why He was sent to Earth – laying the foundation for your child to understand more about sacrifice and salvation in the future.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Stories showing Jesus power and goodness are always good stories to tell children as this always leaves them amazed. One of those stories is when Jesus stops a storm while travelling to Galilee with his disciples. The storm was so strong that the boat they were travelling on almost sank. But just like that, Jesus commanded the storm to stop and it did. Not only will this show the power of Jesus, but more importantly, it will teach your child about having faith in God.

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is one of the most popular Bible stories to share with children. The animals in the story really get them excited. However, aside from seeing Noah build an ark and gathering different species of animals, the important takeaway here is that God can give and He can take away. It will also teach your child about the consequences of doing bad things, and the reward given to those who remain faithful to God even if everyone around them abandons the heavenly father in their lives.

The Loaves and Fishes

The story of the loaves and fishes will highlight Jesus' kindness. Children are always in awe as to how was able to magically feed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fishes. Of course, it wasn't really magic; it was Jesus working His miracles. The greatest lesson to learn from this story is that God doesn't do magic (which is what kids think he's doing), but instead, He is a miracle worker. He doesn't only feed the hungry, He also fills the soul.

Sharing Bible stories with your children is always a beautiful thing. It's quality time well spent and you have the Spirit of God with you as well. These stories are a great start to introduce the Bible to your little ones. And hopefully, as they continue their walk with God, you can move on to deeper and more complex stories. What's important is that you start them young and share the Gospel early on.