Young people inspired to end poverty

Christian Aid has launched a new movement to inspire young people to come together on poverty.

It will be hosting a series of meals around the country where young people can discuss issues of faith and justice.

The meals, part of the new Christian Aid Collective, will inspire them to think about what they can do to end poverty.

Events are taking place in Manchester, Bristol, London, Aberystwyth and Belfast throughout January and February.

There will be interviews with a range of campaigners and activists to kindle ideas and passion for the issues.

Sarah Rowe, of the Christian Aid Collective, said: "These meals are about more than food, they're about building a community of people who are drawn together by their hope and belief in a better world.

"We're inspired by the early church who did discipleship together, and an integral part of that was sitting down to eat. By coming together to eat and share, the early church ended poverty within their community.

"We want to start honest but challenging conversations about how we can take that radical vision and make it relevant to our own lives and communities. Globally, we're more connected than ever before and yet over a billion people still live in poverty.

"That's something we want to change, and know we can only do it if we work together, as a community that includes every last person on the planet."

The launch of the Collective has been marked with a new film, More Than Food, directed by Jonny Flint and highlighting the way in which the early church in Acts 4 pooled all their resources to provide for everyone.

The dates of the meals are:
Manchester – Nexus Arts Café, Dale Street, Jan 24 7.30pm
Bristol – The Kitchen, Silver Street, Jan 30 7.30pm
London – The Gallery Café, 21 Old Ford Road, 7.30pm
Aberystwyth – St Paul's Methodist Centre, Queen's Road, 7pm
Belfast – 19-27 Chichester Street, 7.30pm

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