Students called to activism

The Student Christian Movement hopes its next conference will inspire a new generation of Christian students to work for justice and peace.

The Seeds of Liberation conference next March will mark the 40th anniversary of the original conference by the same name.

The 1973 Seeds of Liberation conference is remembered within the movement as the event that saw the most members commit to campaigning for social justice.

The keynote speaker will be the Reverend Raj Bharath Patta, a Dalit pastor and general secretary of SCM India.

He will speak on Christian mission and standing in solidarity with the oppressed and marginalised.

He said: "It is such an honour to be asked to deliver a talk on my experiences for Dalit liberation and speak on behalf of SCM India, which has been deeply committed to this important and relevant cause."

Liberation will be a key theme at the conference sessions and workshops.

Also speaking is Bruce Kent, a former Catholic priest and chaplain who has spent years campaigning for human rights, peace and nuclear disarmament, working with both the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and War on Want.

The final day of the conference will be a day of student-led activism on the streets of Manchester.

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