Sowing seeds of the Gospel in the 'Garden of England'

|PIC1|Originally from London, teaching English in Spain, coaching tennis in USA, evangelising in Israel, Dave Workman now finds himself in the ‘Garden of England’... sunny Kent!

As an OAC Ministries evangelist, he leads outreach on the streets, in schools, university, prison, youth clubs and boot fairs.

Yet Dave explains, "I’m really most 'at home' on the streets of Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone and Ramsgate. In these areas, I regularly give Bible messages with illustrations by painting on a sketchboard. It’s a way to engage with all sorts of people to explain the Good News of Jesus Christ.

"The other day I was bombarded by a dozen sixth formers. They had heartfelt questions about God and life issues. When you treat them with respect and give them clear, honest answers, they definitely respond."

He said there had been a surge of interest in the Gospel among the people he was meeting.

"If I start to compare miraculous creation with evolution, this especially arouses interest. It then allows me a platform to go on to more biblical truths and the Gospel. Getting interrupted by a self confessed witch came as no surprise this week. Opposition is on the increase as well."

For several years teams have been forming to conduct this evangelism throughout Kent. Members include a former minister, a student, professional and self-employed people.

These trained team members effectively reach others from all walks of life and ages and beliefs. Dave notes, "The last two times in Ramsgate have resulted in over 40 people at a time staying after the sketchboard message for the better part of an hour. Collectively they asked about creation, the Bible’s accuracy and salvation through faith, etc."

Almost running out of tracts because of the demand, they were thanked as they left even by some who had shown hostility at first. Dave now does follow up through email to answer further questions. A student commented on one email that she had never heard the Gospel explained clearly before and was so thankful that now as a result, she had become a believer.

After the weekly outreaches in Canterbury, Dave Workman regularly has interested students and others going with him and the team to a Burger King for ‘Grill-a-Christian’. This time together provides an opportunity to ‘grill’ team members from a list of 100 most asked questions.

Living in Ashford, Dave and his wife Vicki have three lively children at secondary school. He comments, ‘We see the Lord’s planting us in the “Garden of England”.

Hopefully we can bring much spiritual “fruit” as we stay “rooted and grounded” in Him, the giver of life.’