Bobby Schuller takes over Crystal Cathedral's Hour of Power

The grandson of Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H Schuller has been appointed as the new pastor for the weekly Hour of Power television broadcast.

Bobby Schuller's Sunday morning sermons will be broadcast across the US and an additional 11 countries worldwide.

The 31-year-old was voted in by Crystal Cathedral's board of directors following guest stints on the programme.

Hour of Power has been going since 1970, when it was first hosted by Robert H Schuller.

The change comes as the megachuch transitions to a new campus at St Callistus Catholic Church in June.

The move is part of major restructuring at Crystal Cathedral to resolve its considerable financial difficulties after filing for bankruptcy in 2010.

President and CEO John Charles was positive about Bobby Schuller's appointment.

He was quoted by the Orange County Register as saying: "He's been a true godsend."